Pamo Valley Breezeway House

The Pamo Valley provides wide open landscapes with beautiful views to the valleys and mountains. With the Southern California climate, the area proves ideal for living conditions. Within our scheme, we wanted to take advantage of the climate as well as the serene surroundings. To achieve this we opened our entire living quarters to the outside with a building long curtain wall on both sides. The living quarters includes an open plan allowing the user flexibility within their accommodations. Our folding louver panels provide an option for privacy for the main living space and adjust for lighting and thermal gain techniques. The living quarters provide full views to the valley as well as open up to the outside, extending the living space into the outdoors. In an area with minimal neighbors, privacy is not a key concern, as the front of the house seemingly blends the indoors with the outdoors.

The bedrooms, bathroom, and storage are all situated in a plan separate from the living quarters, divided by a breezeway. The breezeway takes advantage of the westward prevailing winds and can be adjusted with sliding louvered panels to control the strength of the breezes. This separate plan provides the users a certain element of seclusion, as the bedrooms provide solidarity from the outside as well as the rest of the house. The house is designed to a 4’ x 4’ grid to provide a sense of modularity, and is constructed out of concrete masonry to provide a thermal mass and sufficient insulation. The house is designed to maximize the passive strategies of natural ventilation and thermal mass gains.

The studio was funded by HMC Architects in association with FEMA. This project was a 3rd place finalist within the studio, in consideration for actual construction.

More studio information can be found at:

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